Made in South Africa to the highest specifications and industry standards, Dekade Paints produces a range of premium-quality coatings for the local market that not only are world­ class, but stand up to the rigors of South Africa’s demanding climate and often unforgiving environmental conditions.

Manufactured using premium raw materials, quality forms the cornerstone of all our ranges, with Dekade’s flagship brands from our premium decorative coatings range, such as Gold Label Sheen, Gold Label Matt, Ultradek, Dekaroof, Dekatex, Dekalite (Masonry Paint), Satin Magic, acknowledged leaders in the local paint market.

Who we are

From high-performance twin pack products and protective coatings to a basic entry-level PVA for the low-cost housing market, we manufacture products that we can market with confidence.

From our humble beginnings in 1979 as an in-house manufacturer of high-quality coatings for Natal Associated Agencies (NAA), then the largest paint wholesaler in Pietermaritzburg serving the Natal Midlands, Dekade Paints has evolved into KwaZulu Natal’s premier paint specialist, with a comprehensive range of top quality products and a technical advisory backup service unmatched in the industry.

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Dekade’s 10-year guarantee

As a Proudly South African company, Dekade Paints strives to get the best results from the paints we make, delivering superior performance in every product. In fact, so confident are we in our quality, that all our premium range products carry the DEKADE 10-YEAR GUARANTEE.

With all our flagship paints, Ultradek, Dekaroof, Satin Magic, Super Gloss Enamel and Gold Label Sheen and Matt, carrying a 10-year guarantee, Dekade does more than stand by its products. They provide valuable guarantees to users, provided that sound preparation and application specifications are followed.

And by selling our products directly, rather than through third-party suppliers, we hold consumer accountability for their quality.

Premium Coatings

Trade Coatings

Industrial Coatings