How it all started

From our humble beginnings in 1979 as an in-house manufacturer of high-quality coatings for Natal Associated Agencies (NAA), then the largest paint wholesaler in Pietermaritzburg serving the Natal Midlands, Dekade Paints has evolved into KwaZulu Natal’s premier paint specialist, with a comprehensive range of top quality products and a technical advisory backup service unmatched in the industry.

With the business getting a further muscular boost in 2000 through the merger of NAA and Shaves, both trusted and much-loved brands in the local market, Dekade Paints brings together the combined decades-long expertise of the Shave and Du Plooy families, who between them hold a 60-year pedigree in serving the local paint market that goes back to the 1950s.

Yet, beyond our market leading reputation and the lasting quality and guaranteed performance of our paint, it’s our personalised service that stands out and differentiates us from our competitors.

Looking to the future

We still hold fast on to the old-school values that underpinned our humble roots, putting our deep on-the-job expertise to good use in dispensing invaluable paint advice freely to our customers, many of whom are repeats or referrals, who we know on a first-name basis.

Having recently extended its footprint beyond its KZN homebase, Dekade Paints is expanding nationally at an increasingly aggressive pace, with its product range now available in Gauteng through Dekade stockists in Boksburg and Sandton (at Shaves Paint & Decor stores), and in George in the Western Cape, through House of Paints.

Producing premium performance paints for the local market since 1979

Made in South Africa to the highest specs and industry standards, Dekade Paints produces a range of premium-quality coatings for the local market that not only are world-class, but stand up to the rigours of South Africa’s demanding climate and often unforgiving environmental conditions.

Manufactured using premium raw materials, quality forms the cornerstone of all our ranges, with flagship brands, such as Dekade Super Gloss Enamel, Gold Label Sheen, Gold Label Matt, Ultradek, Dekaroof, Dekatex, and Satin Magic (both water-based and solvent-based variants) from our premium decorative coatings range, acknowledged leaders in the local paint market.

From water-based, eco-friendly lacquers to far more simple coatings, from high-performance twin pack product protective coatings down to a basic entry-level PVA for the low-cost housing market, we make products that we can sell with confidence, by which others are benchmarked.

Dekade’s 10-year guarantee

As a Proudly South African company, Dekade Paints strives to get the best results from the paints we make, delivering superior performance in every product. In fact, so confident are we in our quality, that all our premium range products carry the DEKADE 10-YEAR GUARANTEE.

With all our flagship paints, Ultradek, Dekaroof, Satin Magic, Super Gloss Enamel and Gold Label Sheen and Matt, carrying a 10-year guarantee, Dekade does more than stand by its products. They provide valuable guarantees to users, provided that sound preparation and application specifications are followed.

And by selling our products directly, rather than through third-party suppliers, we hold consumer accountability for their quality.

Distinctive, desirable, dependable.
Dekade Paints, decorating KwaZulu Natal since 1979

Our paint solutions and advice are focused on one thing only – protecting your asset!

Whether it’s enhancing the look of a room or matching a room’s fabrics, our paints serve the dual function of decorating and protecting surfaces, the latter of which is often overlooked.

Application errors and incorrect product specifications are by far the greatest contributors to paint failure. Encompassing dual function products that serve as both a primer and as a finish, Dekade Paint’s high-performance decorative line provides the ultimate in protection and adhesion.

From waterproof, corrosion-resistant, epoxy-coated primers to latex-based polyurethane (PVA) primers, we have the primer sealants to address your specific needs.

For surface flaws, our range of protective matt (non-sheen) coatings are easy to clean, yet at the same time, hide surface imperfections, and for parapet walls with moisture penetration – the single biggest cause of paint failure – we advise on products to neutralise and offset that too.

As Southern Africa’s go-to paint solution specialists we listen, guide, advise and solve paint problems.

As industry experts with deep knowledge across our product line, we are Southern Africa’s go-to paint solution specialists, always advising customers on the best options to take as part of a comprehensive, three-stage paint coating process, inclusive of a primer, undercoat and full-finish application.

Using our deep industry experience, our approach is always to develop customer solutions that meet local and international standards. From advising on how best to hide an uneven surface to choosing the best colour tints, we always put your best interests first.

Lifting the aesthetic and showing off your true colours

From industrial powder coatings to decorative coverings, paint trends are ever evolving with new, innovative products coming to market and colour fashions coming and going.

With an eye keenly focussed on keeping ahead of current paint trends, Dekade Paints is continuously adapting and renewing its product range, with a paint palette that goes way beyond standard colours.

Our credentials

Dekade Paints is a certified coatings expert with the South African Paint Manufacturers Association (SAPMA), enabling us to make industry-specific protective coatings.

Our value, delivered

  • Locally-owned, with paints customised for the local market and our demanding climate
  • Durable, resilient paints developed with longevity in mind, which stand the test of time
  • Deep local industry knowledge and on-the-job expertise, with our management team boasting a collective 120 years’ experience between them
  • The ready capacity and capability to design and develop bespoke products for specific customer requirements
  • Competitively priced products, but with the same optimal performance as foreign­owned brands
  • Continuous ability to adapt and reinvent our product range, in line with evolving trends