Satin Magic

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Non-drip, polyurethane enamel, with a tough, washable, satin sheen finish
  • Solvent-Based
  • Interior Walls
  • Satin Sheen Finish

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Formulated with polyurethane for exceptional toughness, Dekade Satin Magic is a premium quality, non-drip, self-undercoating enamel, drying to a fully washable satin-sheen finish.

Ideal uses:

Ideal for use on new or previously painted interior surfaces, Dekade Satin Magic is highly recommended for the toughest interior surfaces that require maximum protection, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Product specs:

Available in 1 and 5-litre packs, unless otherwise indicated.


  • Deep Base, Pastel Base, Transparent Base
  • Black
  • White (500ml, 1l + 5l)

Technical Data Sheet


Premium quality, non-drip urethane interior decorative coating which offers high build, brush loading and non-sag applications. Can be used on new or previously painted surfaces such as doors, window frames, cupboards, skirting boards and walls.

Very convenient. No stirring, no runs and no mess. Dries to an attractive, tough, fully washable satin sheen finish. Highly recommended for the toughest interior conditions (kitchens, bathrooms etc).

New Work:
WOOD: Prime with Dekade Pink Wood Primer and allow 24 hours to dry. PLASTER: Surface must be clean and dry. Apply 1 coat Plaster Primer and Universal Undercoat. Allow 24 hours drying time between coats. METAL: Must be free from rust and oil. Prime with Zinc Phosphate Primer and Universal Undercoat. Allow 24 hours drying time between coats.

Previously Painted Surfaces:
Loose flaking paint and efflorescence must be completely removed. Loose surface rust must be completely removed and primed with 2 coats Rust and Metal Primer. Allow 24 hours before overcoating. Gloss and Oil surfaces must be sanded and wiped down with a damp cloth. Apply 1 coat Universal Undercoat and allow 24 hours to dry. Chalky surfaces must be thoroughly sanded before sealing with Plaster Primer. Kitchen walls without exception to be washed down with sugar soap.

Do not paint during cold and wet weather. Do not apply to unprimed metal surfaces. Satin Magic will chalk if applied to surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Supplied ready for use in a GEL form. DO NOT STIR. If shaken or stirred allow to stand overnight to regain its gel structure. Brush application preferred. Dip brush 1 – 2 times into the gel until brush is loaded, then commence painting in a normal manner. Clean up with MIneral Turps.

SG: 1.24 – 1.26
Viscosity: Gel Structure
Drying Time: (T) 4 hours
@ 25oC (H): 24 hours
Recoat: 16 hours
Solid Mass: 58 – 60%
Finish: Satin Sheen
Volume Solids: 37 – 40%
Spread rate: Approx. 10m2/Lt depending on surface profile and porosity.
Pack Sizes: 500ml, 1L & 5L
Flash Point: 37°C
Recommended DFT: 20 – 30 microns
Colour Range: Black, White and tint bases

Health and Safety: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet

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