Gold Label Matt

Finally a matt finish that offers the same benefits as the premium quality sheen finishes

available, Gold Label Matt sets new standards for a high-performance matt emulsion.

A luxurious, durable, pure acrylic wall coating that offers exceptional wear and dirt resistance, Dekade Gold Label Matt dries to a washable, silky-smooth matt finish.


  • Quick drying; allows two coats to be applied in one day Easily applied by brush,

roller and airless spray

  • Exceptional wear and dirt resistance
  • Equipment easily cleaned in water
  • Outstanding exterior durability
  • Minimal odour
  • Non-yellowing

Ideal uses:

  • Suitable for direct interior/exterior application to new and previously painted plaster, composition board and fibre cement surfaces
  • Can also be applied to wood and metal surfaces provided they have been correctly prepared, primed and undercoated
  • Useful alternative to solvent-based eggshell enamels where a low odour, quick-dry sheen finish is required
  • Outstanding exterior durability makes it ideal for high rise buildings, flats and townhouses

Product specs:

Available in 1, 5 and 20-litre pack sizes.


  • Deep Base, Pastel Base, Transparent Base
  • White