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Hard-wearing, flexible and UV resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Quick Drying
  • Roofing

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A versatile, quick-drying, pure acrylic emulsion paint, formulated with advanced anti-fungal additives to provide outstanding durability, flexibility and adhesion to fibre cement sheeting, concrete tiles, plaster and correctly prepared and primed galvanised iron. With a UV resistant barrier, Dekaroof helps protect against atmospheric elements, enhancing the longevity of the roof/substrate. Other applications include walls, floors, window sills, garden pots, fascia boards, fibre cement gutters and other previously painted surfaces.

Product Specs:

Available in 1, 5 and 20-litre packs.


  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Granite
  • Kloof Mist
  • Iron Stone
  • Kingsmead
  • Natal Coast
  • Ridge
  • Terracotta
  • Venetian Red
  • Victorian Green
  • White

Technical Data Sheet


Dekaroof is a versatile quick drying water based Pure Acrylic Paint providing excellent adhesion to fibre cement, cement roof tiles, galvanised iron and zinc aluminium sheeting.

Hard dry within 4 hours enabling 2 coats to be applied the same day. Easy application with brush, roller or airless spray. An appealing sheen finish. Easy clean up with water. Contains biocide to prevent algae and fungal growth.

New Work:
GALVANISED IRON: Remove fabricators pre-treatment with Galvanised Iron Cleaner and prime with WB Galvanised Iron Primer. CEMENT: Surfaces should be free from dirt, friable material and foreign contamination. Apply first coat Dekaroof diluted up to 20% with water followed by 2 more coat undiluted.

Previously Painted Surfaces:
Surface must be in a sound condition. Roof surfaces showing signs of flaking must be stripped. All chalky and powdery surfaces to be thoroughly sanded and hosed down. Surfaces with algae, lichen, moss etc must be cleaned using a high pressure water spray or by wetting the roof with clean water and applying a copper sulphate and water mixture, followed by scrubbing.

Do not apply during cold, wet conditions. Do not apply when roof is extremely hot (@noon on a hot day) Do not apply directly to galvanised roofs unless dry, clean and primed. Allow sufficient time for paint to dry before evening dew begins to settle. Take care when using chemical treatments as they kill plant growth. Avoid splashing and wear protective clothing and gloves. Do not apply to friable surfaces regardless of whether new, old or previously painted. Not suitable for roofs that act as catchments for drinking water.

Ready for use by brush, roller or airless spray. Thinning is not normally necessary, unless surface is very porous, thin up to 20% clean water if required. Clean up with water.

Type: Pure Acrylic
Drying Time: (T) 1/2 – 1 hour
@ 25oC (H): 4 hours
Recoat: 4 hours
Finish: Sheen
Viscosity: 80 – 90 KU
Solids Volume: 32 – 36%
Solids Mass: 48 – 50%
Spread Rate: Approx. 3 – 10m2/Lt depending on surface profile and porosity.
Flashpoint: Non-flammable
Colour Range: Black, White and standard colours
SG: 1.24 – 1.26
Pack Size: 1L, 5L & 20L

Health and Safety: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet

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