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A high performance single-pack water-based coating that will handle a wide variety of applications, but with best results achieved on correctly prepared wood-floated cement.

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  • Excellent abrasion, alkali, water and chemical resistance
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Outstanding adhesion

Product Specs:

Available in 5 and 20-litre packs, unless otherwise indicated.


  • Clear
  • Dark Earth
  • Grey
  • Sand Trail (5l)

Technical Data Sheet


A high performance maintainable decorative concrete floor coating. Can be used on concrete floors, garage floors, basement floors, drive and walkways, patios and decks.

Acid and alkali resistance. Abrasion resistance. Resistance to automotive chemicals and fluids i.e. motor oil transmission fluid, wiper fluid and water. Resistant to wet and dry hot tyre pick up.

New Work:
NEW: Surfaces must be clean, dry and sound. Freshly poured concrete must dry & cure for a minimum of 6 weeks before painting. Surface should have a wood float finish. Very smooth surfaces should be acid etched (1 Hydrochloric Acid : 1 Water) to provide a “key”. Rinse thoroughly with water after acid etching. OLD UNPAINTED CONCRETE: Surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned down with Dekade Brush and Rinse Degreaser to remove dirt, wax, grime and any other surface contamination. Thoroughly wash down with water and allow to dry. If surface is very smooth acid etch as above.

Previously Painted Surfaces:
GOOD CONDITION: All loose flaking paint must be removed. Sand down entire area with abrasive paper to provide “key”. Wipe down with Dekade Trade Degreaser to remove talc, wax polish, and any other surface contamination. Wash down with water and allow to dry. POOR CONDITION: Strip existing paint back to base with Dekade Trade Paint Remover. Wash down to remove debris. Dilute Hydrochloric Acid 1:1 with water and apply to the surface with a soft broom or plastic watering can at a rate of approx. 2m2/L. When all reaction (bubbling) has ceased remove spent acid from the surface and examine. Reapply to sections that have not been etched. Rinse surface with plenty of water and allow 24 hours to dry.

Do not apply in wet or damp weather conditions.

Stir with flat paddle before use. Ready for use by brush, roller or airless spray. Thinning – use clean water if necessary. Clean up with water.

Type: Modified Styrene Acrylic
Drying T ime: (T) 1 Hours
@ 25oC (H): 2 Hours
Recoat: 4 Hours
SG: 1.19 – 1.23
Viscosity: 75 – 80 KU
Solids by Volume: 26 – 28%
Spread rate: Approx. 8m2/Lt depending on substrate porosity.
Gloss Level: High Sheen
Solids by Mass: 38 – 42%
Flashpoint: Non flammable
Pack Sizes: 5lt & 20lt
Colour Range: Grey, Clear, Sandtrail, Dark Earth

Health and Safety: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet

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