Concentrated Turf Marking

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A concentrated emulsion paint used for the marking out of playing fields. Longer lasting compared to whitewash.

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Available in 10-litre packs.


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Technical Data Sheet


Concentrated Turf Marking Paint is a concentrated, high covering paint specially formulated for the marking of grass playing fields. May also be used for the painting of logos on fields.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Easy application. Clean up with water.

No major preparation necessary except general housekeeping. Fields to be painted must be dry. Dilute as necessary and apply using marking applicator.

Do not risk commencing a job if rain is expected. Dilute before using as applying in concentrated form may hold out longer than required and damage turf. Wash away spillages immediately with water.

Stir thoroughly with flat paddle before use. Dilute up to 1 part paint with 10-12 parts water for new line marking. Dilute up to 1 part paint with 16-20 parts water for remarking. Dilute to requirement for other works like logo markings. Clean up with water.

Type: Acrylic copolymer.
SG: 1.76 – 1.78
Drying Time: (T) 10 minutes
@ 25oC (H): 30 minutes
Recoat: 2 hours
Viscosity: 75 – 85 KU
Spread Rate: Dependant on dilution and application.
Flashpoint: Non-flammable
Colour Range: White
Pack Size: 10L

Health and Safety: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet

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