Action QD Enamel

For the decoration and protection of all interior/exterior surfaces where a high gloss and tough durable finish is required. Ideal as a finishing coat for trucks, tractors, most farm implements and machinery. Decorative uses for the home: gates, metal palisade fencing, doors, window frames etc.

Product Specs: Available in 1, 5, 20 and 200-litre packs (unless otherwise stated)


  • Clear (5L)
  • Black
  • Coke Red (5L)
  • Opalescent Silver (5L)
  • White
  • Bright Red (5L)
  • Phtalo Green (5L)
  • Phalo Blue (5L)
  • Mid Chrome (5L)
  • Lemon Chrome (5L)
  • Scarlet Chrome (5L)
  • Red Oxide (5L)
  • Golden Yellow (5L)